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I am Michelle Green, Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Canadian Counsellor, and Certified Canadian- Perinatal Mental Health Clinician. I believe that sometimes the stories we tell (and are being told) about ourselves keep us stuck in suffering. As a psychotherapist, I view my role in therapy as someone who can walk with clients as they discover new ways to re-write their own stories. I primarily work with clients on issues such as identity transitions in becoming a parent, pregnancy, and new parent/caregiver support. I also have a special interest in supporting adult clients in other areas such as attachment and relationship pattern exploration, self-compassion/acceptance building, and adoptive/foster parent support.

Thank you for visiting my website, please take some time to explore more about my work. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if you would like to talk about working with me!

I am currently on a Parental Leave  and holding a waitlist for new clients until December 2024. Email me at to be added to the waitlist.

Michelle Green Psychotherapist

I am Canadian Certified Perinatal Mental and Birth and Reproductive Trauma Therapist!

As a trained Perinatal Mental Health therapist I specialize in supporting clients anywhere from the beginning of their journey to parenting, and into the late PostPartum Period.

I primarily support clients on their journeys through the following: 

Certified Canadian Perintal Mental Health Badge

Areas of Support

Fertility and Pregnancy Therapy
Pregnancy Therapy
Postpartum Therapy
Fertility and Pregnancy Journey 
Pregnancy and Baby Planning
  • Working with shifting expectations

  • Managing "loss of control" feelings

  • Fostering self-compassion and building self-worth

  • Strategies for managing other people's comments/questions

  • Navigating and exploring major relationship shifts

  • and so much more....

  • Exploring anxieties around pregnancy/parenting

  • Exploring attachment history and how this may impact parenting, relationship with partner etc.

  • Exploring and unpacking expectations of what makes a "good" parent

  • Mindfulness and Self-Compassion integration

  • Managing and exploring expectations around birth, bringing baby home etc.

  • and so much more....

PostPartum and New Parents
  • Non-Judgementally exploring multitude of anxieties, scary thoughts and big feelings that accompany this time period

  • Grief exploration with the loss of your old way of life

  • Strategies and discussion around managing partnered relationships in this high stress time

  • Shifting expectations to fit your new reality and celebrating small wins

  • Identity and value exploration in this time of growth and change as an adult

  • Mindfulness and Self-Compassion integration

  • Exploration of how to identify, honour and tend to your own needs

While I love supporting clients in their Perinatal Journeys, I also enjoy my work with clients in other areas of life. I often have prospective clients ask me if they can work with me even though they are a parent of older children, adult children, or not a parent at all!


As a feminist informed Narrative therapist, I love working with clients to unpack how socialization and the stories we are told impact our well-being and relationships. 

Other Areas of Interest: 
Women's Mental Health
Women's Mental Health
  • Anxiety management

  • Identifying and re-aligning with values and identity

  • Trauma psycho-education, exploration and treatment

  • Dismantling and rebuilding stories about what it means to be a "good" woman

  • Building language to identify and explore our own emotions

  • Boundary setting and healthy relationship exploration

  • Exploring the impact of abusive relationships and experiences

  • Relationship/Interpersonal Issues (No couples therapy offered at this time)

  • Integrating spiritual healing and exploration into therapy

Parent Support
Caregiver Support

I am a registered Circle of Security Program facilitator and I ABSOLUTELY adore this evidence-based program. It focuses on using your relationship to CONNECT with your child in order to better understand their behaviours. I have experienced so many beautiful conversations and changes in family dynamics from processing with caregivers through this program.

I am currently offering this program integrated into our therapy sessions to caregivers (individually or as a couple if interested). If you want to learn more about Circle of Security click the icon below to visit their website. 

Circle of Security
Remember, You are enough. You don't need to know everything or be everything.Being loving
Attachment/Relationship Exploration 
  • Building communication skills in relationships 

  • Family of Origin/ Attachment Reflection and Exploration

  • Supporting Family members/loved ones of those struggling with mental health and addictions

  • Building language to identify and explore our own emotions

  • Boundary setting and healthy relationship exploration

  • Exploring the impact of abusive relationships and experiences

  • Relationship/Interpersonal Issues (No couples therapy offered at this time)

  • Integrating spiritual healing and exploration into therapy

Supporting New Therapists
  • Supporting students and new registrants in their therapeutic journey to growing as a Psychotherapist

  • Exploring why you wanted to be a therapist, attachment influences, relationship shifts and changes

  • Exploring and unpacking Imposter Syndrome

  • Walking with you as you grow into a therapist and as this changes and challenges your Psyche, Spirit, Heart, Relationships and Growth

**No clinical supervision offered at this time. **

Working with Me

At this time I am offering VIRTUAL care through phone or video sessions across Ontario through my practice. 

To access my schedule and book a session with me click here! 

Until I find my own office space, if you would like to access IN PERSON sessions, please go to and book through their systems in either in Milton or Guelph.

Therapeutic Modalities 
Attachment Informed Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Family Centred Therapy
What does it mean to be a Feminist Therapist?

A feminist therapist is someone who should work to identify the systemic and internalized power differences and dynamics in larger society (ex: racism, white supremacy, ableism, the patriarchy, gender discrimination, sexual discrimination) and can help you make sense of how these larger influences impact your well-being. I am consistently trying to build my awareness and critical thought of larger societal narratives at play. I am committed to continuous learning in anti-oppressive practice and in continuing to de-colonize the practice of Psychotherapy. The aim of feminist therapy is not only to make a positive change in the individual but also on society as a whole. 

I strive to name and work against oppression when it shows up in the therapeutic space, and also challenge clients to reflect on and bring awareness to internalized oppressive systems within themselves.  

Training and Certifications

Canadian Certified - Perinatal Mental Health Clinician since 2023 (Through Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings)

Canadian Certified- Perinatal Mental Health

Canadian Certified - Birth and Reproductive Trauma

 since 2023 (Through Canadian Perinatal Mental Health Trainings)

Brief Narrative Therapy Certificate 2021 (through WINDZ Therapy Institute)

Trauma Certificate - Wilfred Laurier Faculty of Social Work Professional Development 2018-2021


Circle of Security Parenting Program Facilitator

 Qualifications completed since 2019


Canadian Certified Counsellor with the CCPA

Emotionally Focused Couples and Family Therapy - Externship Completed with Gail Palmer 2017

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (Attachment Focused Family Therapy)- Level One completed with Dan Hughes 2021

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